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How does it work and what´s included?


1. Conversation

A confidential conversation with you and your animal to discuss your concerns and set a common intention for the session. This allows us to tailor the session to you and your animal and ensure the best possible outcome for both of you. Please send me one of your favorite pictures of your animal companion before the session begins so that I can tune in and prepare for our session.


2. Animal communication as a Live Conference

As an animal communicator, I receive messages from your animal and get answers to the questions that are on your mind in order to strengthen your connection and improve your understanding of each other. 


3. Exchange of experiences

You have the time and space to share your experiences and impressions with me. I will share with you further inspiration that I receive during our conversation. I will also incorporate my own ideas and suggestions (if you wish) and share with you all the knowledge I have gathered over the last 12 years that may be useful to you and your animal in your individual situation.

5. Recording as video and audio

I'll provide you with a recording of the entire session, both in video and audio formats, so that you can revisit it whenever needed.  Messages often only gain meaning after some time and so it is very valuable if you can then access the recording. It is also a wonderful reminder of this special experience.

Price: 90 € (up to 60 min.)



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