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Individual and creative support

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The content of a session depends on your needs. Over the last 12 years, I have experienced different ways of supporting animals and their loved ones and I use these according to your individual wishes. 

Each session includes the opportunity for you to confidentially connect, confide, and share your thoughts about your animal. This allows us to personalise the session specifically for you and your animal, ensuring the best possible outcome for both of you.

As there are different options, the price varies and will be communicated with your request (Price from 99 €).

Therefore please let me know which option(s) you are interested in.

Animal Communication

As an animal communicator, I receive messages from your animal and get answers to the questions that are on your mind and in your heart. I facilitate the communication process between you and your animal. Your beloved companion may have an important message to convey, which I'll help transmit. Additionally, I'll assist you in rekindling and deepening your connection with them.


Sound & Energy Work

I work energetically with your animal and support it during times of grief, sadness, anxiety, despair, loneliness, and the transition to the spirit world. I can sense your animal's physical and emotional disharmonies within myself and help it to regain its inner and outer harmony through Reiki, shamanic journeys and sound (harp, voice, drum, singing bowls).

Harp for your Heart

If you are grieving for your animal in Spirit and your heart needs some solace I will create a musical message from your animal. The harp will resonate with it´s energy and your animal has the possibility to reach your heart through the sound of the harp. In our essence we are sound and you can feel the soul sound of your animal through the music, and this can give you a lot of hope, comfort and connection. As I am also a singer, it is possible that I will use my voice in addition to the harp if your animal desires me to sing.


©Annika Paßmann

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