Contact and booking 

How does it work and what’s included?


Step 1: Conversation via Email 

The opportunity for you to connect, confide, and confidentially share your thoughts about your animal. Additionally, please send me one of your favorite pictures of your pet.


Step 2: Creation Process of a Live “Harp for your heart” Recording

Guided by your animal companion I will create a personal live harp recording for you. I may also use my voice if your animal desires me to sing.

  • As an animal communicator, I can sense your animals physical and emotional disharmonies and the music that arises from this connection can help your animal return to it´s inner and outer harmony. 
  • If your animal is in his end of life transition, the harp melodies that are channeled live are resonating with you both. Listening to this melody allows you to relax and let the soothing sounds of the harp reach your hearts, fostering inner harmony and peace.
  • If your animal is in Spirit I will create a musical message from your animal. The harp will resonate with your animal’s energy creating a pathway to reach your heart through the sound of the harp. Our true nature is sound, and through music, you can reconnect with the soulful sound of your animal companion, bringing hope, comfort, solace, and peace. This gift from your animal is a symbol of it´s eternal love for you.


Step 3: Harp sounds fly to your heart

The mp3 file of the audio recording will be sent to you via email, allowing you to listen to the sounds whenever you want. This continuous connection ensures that the healing process continues, providing solace, comfort, and resilience during difficult moments and challenges. This recording serves as a reminder that you can face challenges without being consumed by them, offering reassurance and guidance as needed.


Price: 77 € 

©Annika Paßmann

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